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to Audiences


As the world reopens, advertisers and audiences are demanding dynamic and creative content as they rediscover their surroundings. SmartSanitiser delivers an unrivalled proximity between screen and viewer - creating invaluable opportunities to capture meaningful impressions.

A ground-breaking way to reach audiences

Every impression is an opportunity. Stand out in the crowd and immerse your audience with dynamic creatives.

Our panels offer more than just an everyday interaction – with an unmissable eye-level format, audiences can interact with an infinite range of brands, offers, promotions and messages.

Our Channels

MFG Forecourts

Motor Fuel Group is the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK.

Moto Services

Moto has endorsed SmartSanitiser in an effort to provide their customers with a high level of covid-safety reassurances.

Shopping Malls

Identifying and reacting quickly to the evolving desires of the customer is vital to creating meaningful interactions.

The D4 Digital Screen

Alongside face masks and social distancing, the regular use of hand sanitiser has become a staple of businesses’ efforts to provide reassurance to both staff and customers alike.

SmartSanitiser integrates a sleek digital panel with a contactless hand sanitiser dispenser to enable brands to connect with audiences through an exceptionally direct interaction. We offer creative agencies the agility and flexibility they require to build a holistic marketing campaign, with access to a diverse range of audience bases across the UK via traditional and programmatic scheduling avenues.