Advertising with SmartSanitiser

A ground-breaking way to reach audiences

Every impression is an opportunity

A ground-breaking way to reach audiences

Every impression is an opportunity

Be Seen

Stand out in the crowd


Immerse your audience with dynamic creatives


Broadcast your message, showcase your brand


Share and communicate important information


Execute campaigns with national, regional and local impact


Know your audience and target your content with detailed impressions data


Our panels support programmatic DSPs for cross-channel optimisation

Our Panels

D4 digital poster integrated with a state-of-the-art contactless hand-sanitiser dispenser
Easily positioned for maximum viewer potential, including at entrances/exits, POS, and high-traffic areas.
Supports portrait creatives (1080x1920) in multiple formats, including JPEG, PNG, MP4, and URL
A fast-growing portfolio and current audience reach of over 68 million
Implement targeted content and strong incentivisation via QR codes, discount codes & creative CTA messaging
Flexible targeting by impressions, ad plays, audience, day, time, location, weather types and more
Content Distribution
Brand Building
Sales Promotion
QR Driven Initiative
Call to Action
Public Information


The post-pandemic landscape and renewed confidence in out-of-home advertising has driven exciting developments for media planning and buying.

Our team is proud to be a part of these advances, and continue to push boundaries in a variety of areas – from expanding our audience base, to driving the evolution of programmatics to out-of-home platforms.

SmartSanitiser has integrated with CMS platform LiveDOOH-Signkick to operate a 6 slide digital loop, and is working alongside leading programmatic ad exchanges, including Hivestack, Vistar Media and AdVenue to offer automation and maximum flexibility alongside traditional booking channels.

Campaign Examples

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