Hosting with SmartSanitiser

The D4 Digital Sanitiser

We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our SmartSanitiser network. Find out more about how audiences can generate value for your business.

Enhance your Space

Our panels are easily positioned in high traffic areas, from entrances and exits to communal seating areas, POS and washroom facilities. Made with high-quality materials, our modern and stylish panels are an attractive addition to your business.

Monetise Your Audience

Our panels facilitate the opportunity to offset the additional costs of covid-safety procedures by enabling hosts to generate an additional source of income via 3rd party advertising. Contact us to find out more about our revenue share opportunities.

Provide a Service

Hand Sanitiser is part of the frontline in the fight against covid-19, and has become a staple of businesses’ efforts to provide reassurances to both staff and customers alike in covid-safety compliance. Give your customers the confidence and comfort they require to navigate and enjoy your space.

Communicate Information

SmartSanitiser offers landlords an exciting chance to directly reach and influence their customers. Showcase your facilities and services, promote your event, relay important information, and much more!

Key Features

Key Features

  • 22in integrated digital poster with android media player for a fully customisable content loop
  • Contactless sanitiser dispenser via infrared sensor for maximum user hygiene and comfort
  • With wall-mounted and free-standing options available, panels are positioned in optimal locations with ease for maximum impressions
  • Compatible with liquid and foam sanitiser fluids, our easily refillable 5L reservoirs deliver up to 15,000 applications
  • Panels feature a robust metal outer casing for durability, with a locked shatter-proof screen for security