SmartSanitiser sets sights on rapid expansion

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A challenger digital outdoor media business has launched, with plans to roll out more than 1,000 sites across the UK.

SmartSanitiser couples high-quality, instantly updatable digital screens with automated hand sanitiser dispensers, to deliver new out-of-home opportunities for brands looking to deliver direct messages to consumers across the country.


The screens represent an innovative new way of advertisers reaching their audience, providing increased brand prominence owed to the ‘up-close’ interaction required to use the station.

SmartSanitiser already has over 260 active SmartSanitiser units across 168 sites, with an audience reach of over 68 million. With two leading media company leaders at the helm of the business and driving its rapid expansion, SmartSanitiser expects to have over 450 live units across 260 sites by the end of November, and over 1,500 stations across 1,000 sites by the end of 2022.

Launched in partnership between outdoor media owner Mark Catterall, chief executive of Smart Group and guest-WiFi business leader Alex Cliff from Inkspotwifi – along with the backing of Hillhouse Group, a private enterprise with a range of interests spanning construction and hospitality – SmartSanitiser has ambitious plans to reach more than 20 million consumers every week through its network of screens, which will – predominantly – be positioned within motorway service stations, shopping centres retail parks and fuel forecourt shops across the UK.

Mark Catterall, whose existing business already reaches five million people per week through large digital screens across Scotland, the North East and Yorkshire, said: “With sanitising stations set to become a long-term fixture in high-footfall locations, we’re bringing something different to the UK market, that both maximises customer experience, providing an attractive solution for retail businesses looking to promote a safe experience, and also delivers for advertisers who are able to see their campaigns served in perhaps the most up-front and visible way.

“We want to challenge and disrupt the market, bringing a product that changes the way people engage with sanitising stations, which have become the norm in retail, leisure and commercial spaces since the start of the pandemic.”

With data increasingly driving marketing decisions, and in keeping with the ethos of Smart Group and Inkspotwifi, SmartSanitiser will use consumer insight to deliver the most targeted campaigns possible for customers, ensuring the best return on investment and delivering relevant and time sensitive content to audiences across the UK.

The company has been backed with a near-seven figure investment from Hillhouse Group, that will allow the planned rapid roll out of SmartSanitiser stations across the country. The investment matches SmartSanitiser’s ambition to be among the top three direct out of home businesses in the next three years.

Alex Cliff said: “We have moved quickly to deliver a solution that allows advertisers to get in front of their customers in a new way, and with relevant, targeted communication that is served at the right time and in a way that means it is more personal than many out of home alternatives.

“As people return to everyday life – but still with a focus on safety and public health – these are the perfect conditions for Smart Sanitiser’s sites to deliver for advertisers, connecting with the increasing number of people who are outdoors, but are continuing to use sanitising stations to keep themselves and others safe.”

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