Our Services


SmartSanitiser offers advertisers full flexibility with traditional and programmatic channels available to reserve our inventory. We offer an extremely competitive pricing model, including the option to book impressions by CPM.


Agencies have the freedom and flexibility to reserve inventory through traditional and programmatic channels, and instantly update their creatives to keep campaigns fresh and dynamic. SmartSanitiser provides seamless client service by scheduling, implementing and editing creatives via our remote content management platform.


We utilize a number of cloud monitoring systems to ensure the correct functioning of our panels, and proactively investigate any issues which may arise to ensure seamless campaign delivery.


We empower clients by measuring the performance of their bookings with our post-campaign analysis, including detailed impressions data and conversion tracking. We constantly learn more about our audiences with state-of-the-art footfall and eye-movement tracking, helping our customers to create fully targeted campaigns.


SmartSanitiser fully manage the installation and maintenance of our panels. Our Support Offices across the UK provide a remote troubleshooting service, providing on-site assistance when required. Fluid subscriptions are also available.